Auto-load shouldn't carry over to Scrivenings mode

Hi, I just started using scrivener today, so forgive me if I’ve missed something.

When using the Auto-load functionality of the Outliner or Corkboard modes in a split pane, everything works fine. But, when switching to scrivenings mode, this Auto-load sticks, and continues to affect the target pane unintentionally.

In plain English, to reproduce:

  1. Split panes vertically
  2. Open up a folder in outliner or corkboard mode in the left pane
  3. Turn on autoload
  4. Switch left pane to scrivenings mode.
  5. Scroll through the left pane and watch the right pane update to the Scrivenings pane’s current contents.

Seems like Auto-load is intended only for Outline or Corkboard mode, and should be ignored when the pane is in Scrivenings mode. Is this correct?

Your program is the best!


That’s correct, that is a bug. Auto-load is only applicable to the Corkboard and Outliner views, otherwise we’d put the button in the Scrivenings view as well. I’ll make sure this is in the list. Thanks!

Awesome, much appreciated.