Auto Name/Rename Docs in Batch

Permit the user to autoname or auto-re-name docs by selecting them and executing a keystroke. Also make this an option for docs at the time that they are split. Thx for consideration! k

It is what I was thinking about with an Automator script.
Unfortunately, Scrivener is not Automator compatible :cry:

For splitting, it could be programmed, perhaps, simply to put “untitled” (or whatever the default is) for the title of the newly split doc. Then it would autorename. k

This whole aspect of the software will be made more fluid in the future, with the title becoming a less necessary component; something that if you leave empty, will naturally display the first bit of main text (similar to the auto-name feature, but without actually naming it and becoming static text) or synopses.

Hi Amber! That sounds like a plan. k