Auto-named Scrivener Link

New to Scrivener (1.5.4) and it is amazing! I just tried Scrivener 2.0.2 and it is even better but there is something I am missing from the 1.x series. When I make a new Scrivener link in 1.5.4 it automatically names it “Note (entry title) date and time stamp”. Is this gone in 2.x or am I missing a preference somewhere? (It would also be handy if there was a preference to autogenerate the note under the current document, or in the current doc’s container.)

Great stuff, guys. Cheers!


Yeah, you’re right, the New Link feature was greatly expanded with the whole dialogue that you now get, and the ability to link to an existing document instead of creating a new one. The automatic naming deal got lost in the expansion of it. You aren’t really missing any preferences or anything.

Also, if you’re in Doc A and you create a Scrivener link to a new document, that new document will have “Note on: Doc A” automatically as the synopsis. You can also set the preferences (under Navigation) to automatically create a back-link, which will put an internal link to Doc A in the new note’s document references. This lets you easily have a reference back to where the note came from but also title it something more specific to what the note actually is about. By default the note is titled with whatever text you selected when making the link (or the first so many characters, if it’s incredibly long), but you can change this to anything more pertinent.

In the pop-up panel when you create the new link, the folder choice is remembered, so if you set it to be the document you’re currently working in–Doc A, in this example–you can keep your linked notes as subdocuments and don’t need to reset it until you move on to the next document. Make sure you leave the “only show containers in destination list” option unchecked in the popup when you create the new note if you want to be able to select a single document to become the container for the note.