Auto Numbering? And the Comic template

I’m not able to get the auto-numbering to work and have no idea if there is a rendering option I haven’t found. I’ve been poking about in the forum but haven’t seen a related thread.

When using PAGE <$N> or PANEL <$SN> it simply renders that code and not the page number, in both the screenplay template and the comic one.

A quick example:

And the comic template also underlines the first panel instance on a page, but not the others. At this point I’m inclined to lean toward user error, as I’m just learning my way around.


I’m not sure about the underlining - that may be a bug and Lee would need to look at that - but with regard to the auto-numbering, is this screenshot from Scrivener or from another program? Auto-numbernig just inserts tags such as the ones you see in your screenshot in Scrivener’s editor, which are only replaced by actual numbers during the compile process. (Because the text in Scrivener is split into smaller components which may be included in compile or not, and which can be opened during a session or not, “live” auto-numbering which updates every time you change something is more problematic than in a word processor that shows your text all as a single document, which is why tags are used instead.)

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Oops, sorry. I should have noted that that is a screen grab from a compiled PDF. :blush:

So it should show the value, but at this point I can’t get it to.

edit: And this is the windows version, despite the profile saying linux over on the right. There’s a Mac/Win option for users to tick but the linux options didn’t offer that. :slight_smile:

Ah, okay. Then that definitely sounds like a bug that Lee will need to address. I’ll give him a nudge to make sure it’s on his list.
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Thanks :slight_smile:
I can screencast my way around my UI and sample doc if needed to isolate the cause.

Found the issue. It doesn’t recognize $N but it does $n. Since the template defaulted to caps it wasn’t being processed. Will report in the bug forum.