auto numbering documents while merging

Good evening everyone,

Usually I write my short stories a document a day, collected into a folder.

Then when I am finished I merge all documents, say 20 ones or more, into a single document, Delete the folder and keep only the single document.

While merging, is there a way to put automagically an header with a progressive number say 1 for the first document 2 for the second one into the final single document, to keep every piece of text on a section of its own?

Thank you.

You can do that with the Compile command, but not in Scrivener’s main editor.

The “Scrivener-like” answer to your question would be “why are you merging them if you still want them separated?” Being able to handle them as a single chunk of text is what the Scrivenings view is for.


Thank you for your reply.

I understand Scrivener’s logic.

I do that way for it’s my workflow for every story of a short stories collection or chapter of a novel: write separated small chunks then merge them together. I still would like to have a single document, with a number delimiting each part, that way I can spot between finished story / chapters and the ones I am currently working on.

But I understand I’ll better reconsider that.

Thanks again.

Prior to merging them, “tag” the beginning of each document with an Inline Annotation.

Beyond the numbering desire, the Inline Annotation could be made additionally useful. One thing a meaningful tag is useful for––it’s searchable (in a selective way) using Scrivener’s Find by Formatting feature.

Thank you for the heads up. I’ll have a look on it. Thanks.