Auto-numbering in real time, in the binder, outliner, scrivenings without needing to compile. Is that possible?

I realise it is possible to insert auto-number characters <$n> throughout a document which, when compiled, will all be converted into an auto-numbered sequence throughout the document,

The limitation of the above feature is that I only can see the numbers in the compiled document. Specifically, I cannot see these numbers in the Scrivener screen i.e. the Binder and the Editing areas.

In wonder, therefore, if Scrivener has the equivalent of inserting a field number, as in Microsoft Word, that automatically updates if I shift the location of the field numbers? (Microsoft Word has this feature).

i.e. In Scrivener, I want to see the actual numbers, not just the code <$n>.

For example, I often use Scrivener alongside Microsoft PowerPoint. I create diagrams in PowerPoint, and then I manually write in numbers at each item in the binder e.g. see the screen shot below, I write 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006. These numbers correlate with the auto diagram numbers in PowerPoint.

In PowerPoint, when I add or delete diagrams, that results in each diagram being automatically re- numbered, Then, in order to make Scrivener match the number changes, I have to manually make the corresponding changes to the numbers in the Binder.

This manual re-numbering takes considerable time, given that I can have around 300+ numbered diagrams, often around 20 minutes to manually re-number all the items. So if it can’t be done in Scrivener, I might have to shift to Microsoft Word for this particular writing project. Hope it can be done in Scrivener.

This isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but it may help a little: you can have Outline mode automatically number items — it doesn’t affect the title of the document, just shows the item’s binder position as a consecutive number in that view. (The number does persist if you sort on any of the columns though — it shows binder order, not temporary outline order).

View > Outliner Options > With Numbers.


Thanks brookter. That gives me a solution to my problem. Essentially, all I wanted was simple auto-line numbering to match the auto-numbering of the diagrams in PowerPoint. Thanks!