Auto numbering multiple lists on single page - how?

I have looked through the manual, I have searched the forums. But I cannot find out how to get Scrivener to give me multiple numbered lists on the same page. Each time I start writing a new list, Scrivener’s ‘auto-numbering’ begins my new list with the next consecutive number from the list immediately above.
What’s the secret code?

And another question - is there a way of showing what the actual auto-numbers are, in Scrivener, before the compile, so that we can tell how many items are in the list by looking at the numbers instead of counting the items?

Are you talking about two different things here, bulleted lists and tags, or are you only talking about tags?

Bullets should restart whenever you create a new list automatically.

Tags require the restart tag (e.g. <$rst_n> to restart <$n> tags) - see the “Placeholder Tags List” in the Help menu for details.

No. Scrivener’s tagged auto-numbers are really meant for chapter numbering, figure and table numbering and suchlike, and as such they can be split across numerous documents that can have “Include in Compile” turned on or off at any time, so it’s not possible to show a live preview. From your description, though, it sounds as though you are creating numbered lists inside a single document - is there any reason you aren’t using a regular numbered list for this (available from the format bar or from Format > Lists in the menu bar)?

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Yes… because I’m an idiot and failed to note that option. Thank you Keith, and apologies for being obtuse. :blush:

Glad that helped!

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