Auto-numbering of documents after split

Not really a big deal, but still a tad annoying, I don’t understand the logic of suffixing a document with “-1” after a split.
It is not a copy, it is a split, so the idea can’t be that it is “copy number 1”…
Why not “-2” ? Since it is the second (or third or fourth whatever) of the exact same name ?
Every single time I split a document (aside from it being already the result of a split), I end up editing the new binder item to “-2”.

Could that be either “fixed” or made an option ?

(And yes, I know, if I myself suffix ahead the initial document with “-1” it works, but that is not quite a satisfying solution since it is just about the same, but the title being edited before hand.)

The idea is that it is in fact a copy, as it is in every sense other than the text content. It is the exact same operation as duplicating the item and then deleting half of the text from one and the other. The metadata all carries over, and so forth.

If it’s really a bother they can be easily cleaned up in bulk with Project Replace on title-only mode, with this regex:


Yes, I understand that perhaps on the technical side it can be considered a copy, but yet, since splitting, it seems natural to me to rather see it as the “part 2” of whatever remains of the original document.
…Part 2 … therefore “-2”.

But still, thanks for the RegEx, might turn out to be useful some day. :slight_smile:

To me, it’s always a new scene, so calling it part 2 wouldn’t benefit me at all. I think we should name things ourselves, not depend on software to do it for us.

I use Ctrl-N (insert new document Project/New text – Windows version) for that.

I usually split after the fact (certainly not before), when I end up with a long chapter, to, among other things, make my printouts more convenient.

I know about ⌘N, of course, but when I split a scene, the second half is a new scene, not another part to the first. It’s the usual way (for me) to create a new scene.