Auto-numbering question


I need help in finding out whether Scrivener can do the auto-numbering of chapters and sub-chapters that I prefer. My search in the Manual (version 2.1) and on the online-board has yielded no insights, so I hope some kind soul will either guide me to the correct location or tell me in soothing words that, sorry, it does not exist (but might be considered in a future update).

What I want is the following numbering:

Chapter 4
Subchapter 4.1
Subchapter 4.2
Chapter 5
Subchapter 5.1

The problem is that I see no mechanism for repeating the “4” in the first subchapter. So my question is: can this be done somehow in Scrivener?

Many thanks for any help you can give!


Hi Andreas,

First make sure your binder reflects the structure you want to see in the finished document (so top-level folders are your Chapters, x.x sections are the next level, etc.).

Then use the prefix <$hn> to each binder item title (or you can use the ‘Format’ section of Compile to set this as an automatic prefix to your binder items).

<$hn> is the hierarchical numbering ‘code’ or ‘tag’ (not sure of its proper name), and will structure itself according to the level of the document.

Sarah :slight_smile:

Sarah – many thanks for such a quick reply!

Now I remember that I saw that option during my first attempts some time ago; but back then I did not want to structure my chapters with folders. Now I did but had forgotten about the hierarchical numbering… So, again many thanks for solving that problem so quickly!

Best wishes,


No worries Andreas, it’s nice to be able to answer a question rather than always asking them!
Sarah :smiley: