Auto-numbering Scenes (Chapters)

Not sure if I’ve missed this and it’s already there for Scrivener uses who are novelists and require chapter numbering, but as a playwright, it would be great if if I could use an ‘auto-number’ thingy in my (scene) headings. A number that would correspond to the position of the index card in the stack. If then I were to add a new scene, or indeed move them about, all the scenes would remain correctly numbered.


You can add auto-number tags which become actual numbers when the manuscript is compiled. Go to Edit > Insert > Auto-Number to choose the type of tag you want to add. As I say, these are just tags within Scrivener itself (e.g. <$n> represents an Arabic numeral), because it would be very difficult to keep the numbers updated within the text when so many documents which may or may not be included in the actual manuscript are involved. But these will become true numbers when exported or printed using Compile Draft. If you just want the numbers for organisation purposes within Scrivener, something like that is coming with 2.0.

Hope that helps.
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