Auto-opening at the wrong place

Hi, I’m having an issue where whenever I open Scrivener and it auto-opens the last project I was working on, it opens to a seemingly-random point midway through a text document rather than where I left off. However, it is usually the same spot that it opens to each time. This has happened across multiple projects, and while it’s not a major issue, it does get really annoying after a while.

I’ve tried to find information about how to fix this problem, but I haven’t been able to. Is there a way for me to make it open at the last point I was typing each time so that I don’t have to always scroll to find where I was last?

It always open to the spot where you have left the insertion point(the typing cursor); not to the point you have scrolled to.

Instead of scrolling just use the arrow keys, left or right, and it will lead you to the point you left.

One more thing: In Scrivener 1.9, the insertion point is usually at the bottom of the screen, not the top as one would expect.

I may not have explained very well, but I meant that it doesn’t open to where I was typing and where the insertion point would have been. It isn’t even anywhere close to it. The arrow keys do make it much faster to get to where I was, though, so thanks for that tip!

Are you leaving the project open with a Scrivenings session on? That may explain it if so, as the behaviour that returns you to your cursor could only work with individual chunks of text rather than multiples.

I whish I could help you more but since I can’t reproduce this I can’t think of anything else.

One more thing: are you on the latest version of Scrivener? It’s 1.9.16?