Auto Populate Synopsis troubles

I had posted this in the Linux forum, I repost it here now that I see I have the same issue on Windows:

I don’t know if this has happened to you but it happened to me a lot. I accidentally click on Auto Populate Synopsis and I lose whatever I had wirtten on the synopsis, without any way to get it back.

Maybe it’s because the icon looks like a “minimize” icon (and the postion sugests that, too), maybe because I should stick with Document notes for notes and leave the synopsis alone, but this is the only problem I stumble upon again and again in those months I’ve been using Scriviener.

Hm. Good point; thanks for bringing it to my attention. The “undo” command should work there to allow you to restore the original synopsis if you accidentally overwrite it, and I have added that to the list.

Thanks to you for the quick answer :slight_smile: