auto populate

Is there any way to format scrivener to autopulate a name or word in the novel writing section? I really dont want to have to spell out the weird names I come up with for fantasy and sci-fi stories.

Use a placeholder name like “Bob” or “Jane”. Once you’re done writing and revising, set them up with the appropriate project replacements in Compile.

Possible to use the auto-completion tools mentioned in section 15.7 of the manual? … win-a4.pdf

Just make sure it’s not a name that can also be a word that could show up in other contexts. You don’t want “Steve was bobbing for apples” to turn into “Steve was Rylothbing for apples.”

The auto completion looks like what I’m talking about, but the manual just describes it. It doesn’t tell me how to turn it on or set it up?

I’ve been using Word Expander to populate website metadata, addresses, etc., for a few years now and it works well. I included the link at the end of this post.

You may want to go to a site like alternative to (google it) and ask it to recommend alternatives for Word Expander if you are not happy with it.

Finally, some of the commercial alternatives, especially the Mac alternatives, are pricy but do offer a lot more than the free ones.

Good Luck!

Project->Auto-Complete List will let you add or edit auto-complete words.

To turn it on, go to Tools-Options->Corrections. Check “Suggest completions as you type” and un-check “In script mode only”.

It looks like the Windows manual is missing a sub-section (found in the Mac manual) called “Custom Auto-completion”. The windows version has different menus and locations for the “settings” that Windows uses. I’ll post about it in the “Bug Hunt” section so that the maintainer of the manuals knows…