Auto replace failure on new lines

I’m having trouble with Scrivener 2.6. The problem has existed since I’ve owned Scrivener (v2.0). Basically, I set up auto replace entries in the Keyboard settings in the System Settings app for various characters with non-standard letters in their names. This works most of the time. However, when a line starts with a replaced entry (replacing Ceda with Çeda, for example), it fails 90% of the time. Every once in a while, it does in fact work on a new line, but most often it does not.

This happens for both lines that auto-wrap in the editor while typing a sentence out and when I hit a hard carriage return. Any idea what might be happening here?

Thanks for any info,

I see something like that occasionally as well using TextExpander - every once in a while the substitution just doesn’t want to fire.

I suspect it’s caused by an invisible character or two just ahead of where I’m typing. At any rate I find hitting delete a couple of times and then retyping my abbreviation will get it to work.

Edit: for what it’s worth - that’s why I switched to TextExpander in the first place, I found the system replacements unreliable. I use them a lot, checking my stats, I’m at just over 46k snippets expanded in about six months. So I needed something that actually worked consistently, TE was the best of the ones i tried.

But of course, YMMV.

It’s unlikely there is anything we can do about that, given that every ingredient involved in the glitch is a basic Mac feature that is being used by Scrivener. You can check to see if this is the case by doing a little writing in TextEdit for a while. You’ll probably see it happen there—I can’t confirm myself, as using your “Çeda” example is flawless in Scrivener and TextEdit on my system from no matter where it appears on the line.

But overall I do second SarsenLintel’s comments on the matter (though I prefer Typinator myself). I’ve never found the Mac’s built-in tools to be either powerful or reliable enough for what I need.