Auto-Restart Hierarchical Numbering?

I’m trying to figure out how to restart hierarchical numbering between chapters. Here’s my compile settings:

On the Level 1+ folder, I have <$hn> in the Prefix field.

On the Level 1 and Level 2+ pages, I also have <$hn> in the Prefix field.

This gives me what I want, which is:

However, in the next chapter, I need them to start numbering 2.1, 2.1.1, 2.2, 2.2.1 and so on. I thought I might put: <$rst><$hn> in the Prefix field for the Level 1+ folder, but that doesn’t work.

What am I missing here?

If you are using <$rst> to reset the numbering, it will go back to 1.

So if you don’t use <$rst>, does the number then increment as you need?

If I try to put <$rst> in the Prefix, it shows up as actual text (it doesn’t get replaced).

The numbering resets to 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 every chapter. It never goes to 2.1, 2.2, and so on.


Not a Windows user, but if I use <$hn> in the prefix field for the levels where I want hierarchical numbering (starting at the top level), and I never use <$rst> at any point, the file compiles with incrementing hierarchical numbering as wanted.

Not the same in Windows? The top level definitely has <$hn>?

Here’s a sample binder…


With sample hierarchal numbering output…


And here’s the original zipped Scrivener project. Assume you can unzip and then open this on a Windows machine to test as needed…


Works as you want?


Thanks for one of the best explanations on Folder and File hierarchy and Compile. I struggled with both when I was getting started with Scrivener and this is a great explanation.

If possible or practical: Make this post sticky and re-name as Folder Hierarchy & Compile Settings (or something similar).

A pleasure. That’s very kind.

I’d never used hierarchical numbering before, but I tested it out––to try to help the OP––and got lucky.