"Auto-save after" and "Suggest completions as you type"

Scrivener 3.0.1 (966), macOS 10.12.6
Preferences > General > Saving > Auto-save after
Preferences > Corrections > Auto-Completion > Suggest completions…

I was testing (procrastinating) “Suggest completions…” today and found that no matter what “Auto-save after” is set to, mine was at the default 2 secs, auto-save doesn’t occur after the “Suggest completions…” dropdown has been triggered in the editor and remains in place. I only tested it for several minutes, beyond that??? I don’t know if this behavior is normal, intended (or unavoidable) or a bug.

It’s possible that someone could walk away after the dropdown has been triggered and suffer unintended consequences because they either hadn’t tripped an auto-save or hadn’t manually saved during the session.

Do you mean while the auto-completion menu is open? If so that appears to be consistent with how this tool works in other text kit software as well:

  1. I tested in EagleFiler, which doesn’t have a “dot” to indicate unsaved content, but does have auto-save on notes.
  2. If I add a new note and type in “now then,” and pause a second, then Quick Look the newly created file from Finder, I’ll find “now then,” in the preview.
  3. Back in EagleFiler, I hit return and type in “cont” then Opt-Esc to trigger completion.
  4. Without dismissing the menu, I trigger Quick Look on the file after waiting 15 seconds. The content remains “now then,”.

Moments later the fact that I’ve switched to Finder registers in EagleFiler and it automatically accepts the completion in the background—I can see the menu drop away—and then the QL update becomes “now then, continue”.

So it seems that device halts background processes—which makes sense, since some background processes might alter the contents of the editor and cause the function the menu is providing to become invalid at the current cursor.

Not saying it is impossible to fix, but it does look unlikely given that.

Yes, unfortunately the completions menu - which is handled by Apple code blocks everything, including all timers running in the app (such as the one used for auto-save). There is no way around it sine the blocking is coming from Apple’s macOS code.

All the best,

Thank you for the explanations.

@AmberV, yes I meant with the menu open.