Auto-save did not work for me

I assure you my disks weren’t asleep. It’s an internal SSD that was was processing other files (I’m a video editor) during the hours-long interval when the file – open the whole time – never auto-saved.

I DO appreciate the reminder to bypass autosave and manually save. I generally do. And I recognize that much/most of the time, people don’t understand their systems or the software and they learn that they’ve been doing things wrong in these forums. I’ve definitely been there.

But sometimes, there are software glitches too. Sometimes a preference file gets corrupted, and so on. That’s one reason to come here – to see if others had a similar problem and if they figured out the culprit so they can fix the problem – not just get a workaround. And if the problem is common or reproduceable, then a bug report is in order.

In my case, if I couldn’t solve the problem, I likely would’ve trashed my preferences and reinstalled and almost certainly the problem would’ve gone away. But that’s obviously a pain in the ass most of us would like to avoid if we can.

Thanks again for the help, both of you.

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You sat it “was processing other files (I’m a video editor)…”. Processing video is very processor intensive, so could it be that it was that that made the autosave not trigger? Personally, (I do video editing too) I try to not have anything else running while video processing is going on. Obviously machine specs are important too in such a case.