Auto-save files

:frowning: The dreaded spinning ball struck when I tried to import two images. I force-quit from Scrivener just before I remembered my last back up was an hour ago (my most productive hour, too). Where does Scrivener save its ‘auto-save’ copies?


Hi jodamo,

Scrivener doesn’t auto-save copies anywhere - it is left up to the user to use the “Backup To” feature. However, unless you have changed the auto-save period in Preferences to something extremely long, Scrivener should automatically save your work every couple of seconds of inactivity (when you pause for 2 seconds between typing etc), so you should not have lost anywhere near an hour’s work as this feature should have kicked in regularly during that hour.


P.S. Which version of Scrivener are you using? 1.03 (the one downloaded from the main page) or a beta from the Beta Testing forum? Did you get any errors on the console when you encountered the spinning beach ball? Obviously, I like to fix things like this!

Thanks for the reply.

After I ‘force quit’, I couldn’t find my document, hence my hope that a copy would be auto-saved somewhere. My last ‘Back Up To …’ had been an hour ago. Eventually I found the document (what OS X did with it and its folder is a very strange and complicated. Spotlight couldn’t find it either). And, yes, it was right up to date. :smiley:

My Scrivener is 1.03. I’m not sure what or where the ‘console’ may be so I can’t help much. I was copying and pasting two images from a PPT file into the SCRIV file. Perhaps if I had been more patient the action would have completed but you know what it’s like with that wretched ball. One day I’m going to rebuild a ‘system’ that has only what is essential and is stable. Really I am …

BTW Scrivener is great

Thanks again


Couldn’t Scrivener automatically make a backup, each time you deliberately choose Save? It could be an option, in case you don’t want to slow things down a bit and prefer to turn it off.


jodamo - The console is an application. It can be found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. It lists errors from applications (crashes, etc.).

My console experience was painless. I found a repeating sequence that matches the time when the spinning ball appeared (see attached file). Hope this helps.


BTW There are a lot of error report in the console log; most of them for MS Office. The problem may be with my 'puter rather than Scrivener. JDM
Spinning Ball console log.pdf (15.1 KB)

Thanks jodamo - actually that console message is harmless and has nothing to do with your bug, though (I have suppressed the console message in future versions, but it has no effect on the running of the app).