Auto save not saving

I worked on my project for about four hours off and on. When I came back to my laptop the system was shut down. I panicked then thought oh wait the auto save function should have saved it before so I am good. Nope. Opened the project and it shows the changes I made last night and saved before shutting down for the night but nothing for today. Is there a known problem with the auto-save function? Should I move this to the Bug topic? And most important is there someway to recover my work?


UPDATE:After searching all the board I found a post on the mac board that helped me find my files. For some reason Scrivener saved them but when I rebooted the information wasn’t there. I copied the files and put them in another folder because I am afraid that if I open Scrivener again I might lose them somehow.
First - any idea how/why this happened. Other than the system not being properly shut down? Why are the files there and not correct in the project?
Second - is there a way to make Scrivener refresh the files or do I just have to go in and cut/paste all text back in and redo all other adjustments I made to the layout?

I don’t want to open Scrivener until I have the best answer because I am worried about overwriting something.
Thanks again

Asus netbook
2gb mem
1.67gHz processor
Windows 7 Starter

So glad you’ve got your files! What likely happened is that your .scrivx file got damaged in the crash–if I understand correctly, the project was open when the whole system had a sudden shut-down? The .scrivx file is what organizes everything together in your project, referencing all the actual document files and so on to display them, so if this file was damaged and either was used by Scrivener as-is or couldn’t be opened and Scrivener reverted to an earlier auto-backed-up version, it might be missing information: files might not appear in the binder, titles and meta-data could be gone from documents, etc.

The next steps will depend a little on what you’re seeing. It sounds like the project does open without an issue, but that the documents you created during your last session aren’t appearing in the binder–is that correct? If that’s the only issue, you can fix this yourself pretty quickly by hammering on the Enter key in the binder (to create new documents)–when the new files are created, they’ll suddenly be populated with your missing text. (This is because Scrivener creates files with incrementing ID numbers. So let’s say you’d created three documents that are now missing, which were numbered internally as 10, 11, and 12. The .scrivx forgot about them and thinks the last file created was 9, so when it creates a new document now it will reference it as 10. But 10.rtf already does exist in the project, so when the pointer gets created, the document will immediately be linked up with it.) Just do that until you stop getting your documents.

The original binder position and titles of these files will have been lost, since that was in the .scrivx file, so you will have to retitled them and move them to where they belong; likewise any meta-data like label and status will need to be reassigned. Synopses and document notes should all reappear with the main document text.