Auto Scrolling while in Full Screen View

How do I go about turning off what I would call Auto Scrolling while in Full Screen View?

Thanks …

That sounds like Typewriter Scrolling. The option is in the Format/Options sub-menu, which you can access in Composition Mode (or OS X’s Full Screen mode, wasn’t sure which you meant) by sliding the mouse to the top of the screen and waiting for a moment.

Thank you. That was just what I was looking for. This will save me no end of grief, since it makes the screen to wacko things when I just edit a sentence.

Yeah, it’s better when you’re just doing some basic writing and getting the text out. Then it has the effect of keeping your cursor in the same spot in the middle of the screen, rather than wherever or at the very bottom of the monitor… like a typewriter.

If you just flat out don’t like it, be sure to switch it off globally (for new projects), in the Compose preference pane. There is a button that will save the current look, as described in the small text.