Auto Selection of space after word

It would be fantastic were Scrivener to auto select the space after a word whenever text selections are made. This would mean that one could select sentences and rearrange their placement within a paragraph without having to go back in there and fix the spaces.
Word works like this.
Does anyone else think this would be useful?


I pulled out the bit about Word Count, because I was wrong.

I’m not sure I understand your request. If you select a word and move it, Scr does adjust the spacing, both at the removal spot and at the insertion spot. If you select several words, click-and-drag as much or little as you want, with or without trailing space. If it’s the last sentence in a paragraph, include the leading space and insert at the preceding period.


My Scrivener doesn’t quite do that.
If I double click a word and drag it to a new spot, I end up with the word I dragged joining one of the words adjacent depending on where precisely I dropped it.

I also get left with a double space where the dragged word came from.

Maybe it’s a preference thing, and I don’t have something ticked.

I think preferences > editor > editing options > smart copy/paste is what you want.

Sorry I didn’t think of it right away; I always use it, and forgot it can be turned off.


Thank you so much, the smart copy and paste was precisely my problem.

“Smart Copy/Paste” is Mac-only, correct?

That’s correct, right now you just have to select one of the spaces when cutting and pasting. So [the ]word can be pasted next to []here and leave no extra space or require any buffer once pasted.