Auto-size PDFs don't always auto-size...


First post and let me get the salivatory platitudes out of the way - Scrivener is simply, wonderfully, brilliant.

I use lots of PDFs in my research section, and I have them set to “auto size”. Now often when I switch from one PDF to the next sometimes the PDF I switch to has failed to keep the right auto-size dimensions - scrollbars are shown. most clear steps to reproduce.

  1. Select PDF A in Research binder - set to autosize
  2. Select PDF B in the same panel
  3. Resize the Scrivener window
  4. Reselect PDF A - scroll bars are now shown. auto size is still on and resizing the window automatically locks the scaling back properly for PDF A

Not a killer bug, but geting scrivener to flush the scaling to keep the panel truly autosized would be good… This seems to happen even if the scrivener window has not resized (step 3) though I cannot reliably reproduce that (I normally have two panels open to write in one and read in the other, maybe something to do with that).

Thank you!

(note: I am using the beta and have not tested that this occurs in the normal release fully, I think it is general as I have a vague recollection of seeing it briefly in the proper release - if it is not reproducible in 1.03 then please move me to bet testing and apologies in advance…)


Thanks for the praise on Scrivener.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean about the PDF “auto size” - there is no “auto size” feature, just a “Size to fit” feature. This scales the PDF to fit the current view settings - but this is a one time thing and it won’t automatically resize the PDF when you resize the window (unlike Preview’s “Automatically Resize”).

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If i right-click on the PDF there is an “Auto size” menu item. I surmise this is part of the Apple embedded viewer then? I have just checked and seen the command you refer to in the Scrivener view menu.

Hm, is there no way to tell the embedded viewer to redraw. Obviously this happens when a window is resized, but maybe that is automagically enacted by the UI framework.

What i want is for Scrivener to somehow trigger that redraw when switching between PDFs in the Binder. I hope there is a way to do that. My problem is when I switch PDFs they are often misscaled with scroll bars and I must manually resize the whole scrivener window or toggle “auto size” off then on.

Ah… Yes, that is built into the PDF view, I didn’t notice that. Funnily enough, though, I can’t reproduce the issue. This may be because I am using a developer seed of Leopard and that the bug has been fixed in the PDFKit in Leopard, though I don’t know for sure… Hmm. I’ll take a look on Tiger as soon as I get chance.