Auto-sorting of documents

One thing I’d like to see is automatic sorting of folders. I keep a lot of stuff in folders, but would like to have an option to keep certain forlders sorted automatially (instead of manually with the ever present warning dialogue box).
Of course, for all I know it might be there somewhere, but so far I haven’t been able to find it.


You can use Sort Descending and Sort Ascending under the Documents menu.

Maybe I was a bit unclear. I know how to sort manually - as you say, under the Documents menu.
What I’d like to see is an option (contextual menu or whatever) to keep a folder automatically sorted Descending or Ascending, so that when I drop documents into this folder (call it a “smart folder” if you want) the content of the folder get sorted without my interaction.


I don’t really understand how that would work in the current set up.

I think what Sakka means is an implementation similar to a feature in OmniOutliner in which you have a “Keep Sorted” command. Whatever you pop into your list (in Omni) jumps to its proper sort position as soon as you’ve entered it.

In terms of the way I’ve been using Scrivener (early days yet!), this would be a useful, but not critical feature.


Hmm. Not gonna happen.

How about a contextual menu where you can sort up or down without that extra dialogue-box? One can assume that when selecting Sort Ascending or Sort Descending from a contextual menu when ctrl-clicking a folder, one knew what one wanted.
It’s nice to be held by the hand and all that, but what all of this is about is workflow, and the fewer clicks the better, imo.


That might not be a bad idea. Perhaps follow Apple’s lead on this one and hold down the Option key to pre-emptively confirm warnings (such as when logging out). That might be nice on the convert to default commands to. The good thing about that system is that the user has to remember to hold down the Option key. If they forget to do that, then they might also have forgotten what will happen in a worst case scenario.