auto spell-check red flashes

Here’s a good one for the polish towards a release.

I’m working at moment in a dimmer light condition than the local semi-tropical, so that you really see the screen. Then I realized that the auto-spellcheck is red-underlining every word I type, past the first or second letter, until I get to the space between words, so that it can agree something proper is spelled.

This is pretty distracting, and it is probably eating some cpu also.

Would expect there’s a way to make the package wait until the space to actually check the word? As other auto-spellchecks don’t do this.

Thanks and best,

I believe that’s going to be addressed after Scrivener for Windows is released. As shown here: … ml#PLANNED

You may well be right, Spitfire. I hadn’t seen that. At least this note is pretty specific.