Auto spellcheck within multiple languages documents

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I write academic papers with up to 4 different languages on one page. The automatic spell checking only works for the default system language; English UK. Other languages are indicated as errors with red underlining, even though they are ranked in the OSX Language preferences. Scrivener does not seem to look there for determining the other preferred languages.

In Word I used to make a macro and a button on the menu to mark and change the language for passages in each different language. The spell checking works well in Word:Mac.

How can I use multi language auto spell checking in Scrivener?


System: OSX 10.8.5 ML, Scrivener 2.5 (25239)

(I’m writing this away from my Scrivener-equipped computer, so I cannot fully check the following.) What you require is set in System Preferences. Go to ‘Language & Text’. Click ‘Text’. Click on the drop-down list headed ‘Spelling’; at the top is ‘Automatic by Language’. Select it. That should give you what you want.

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like I said in the OP, I did all the settings as in the screen captures, which seems to be correct as you suggested. When I use other languages, they are not recognised “Automatic by Language”.

Make sure it is set that way in Scrivener as well. I’m not sure if that system default triggers open applications to change. Bring up the spelling panel from the Edit menu and make sure it’s set to automatic by language there, too.

Well, it is in Scrivener itself that the Mac System Text Preferences are called up.

See the green square in the Attachment.

Scrivener-System Text Preference-Mac-20140124_1923-Print.pdf (133 KB)

My last answer were the entries that Scrivener pops up when you want to do the settings in Scrivener itself.

Right, I think you have the system set correctly, but each application can override the system default. Check in Edit/Spelling and Grammar/Show Spelling and Grammar. That is where the specific spell check settings for each standard Mac application will be found.

I have this problem. I just installed Scrivener 2.6. on a new installation of OSX 10.10.3 (Yosemite). Only the default language English (U.K.) is used in the spell checking. The other languages are just indicated as all incorrectly spelt words. I checked the system set-up to be English (U.K.). I also have five other languages installed in the “Preferred languages”. The “Keyboard ==> Text” has the selection “Automatic by Language” in the option “Spelling:”.
In Scrivener the Language option is set to “Default”. In the Corrections section, all three Spelling options are checked as active.

What are the options I am missing to spell check different languages in the same document?

Have you checked the window I referred to in the post above yours? That is the only thing that really matters, once you get down to working in a program. Another thing worth mentioning is that this particular feature of OS X has been buggy for years and years, ever since it was first introduced. Automatic detection sometimes works great, and sometimes it doesn’t. I know that isn’t particularly helpful, but it’s worth considering that this problem may not be something you can solve—and it may also be something that just vanishes one day. This feature can in fact cause all spell checking to fail. We occasionally have to recommend people set it specifically to one language in order to get the engine to function properly.