Auto-split word documents imported into Scrivener IOS

I know it’s not currently possible to do a global search and replace currently in Scrivener IOS. Bummer if you’re into your project and suddenly want to change a name, but I understand it’s an IOS issue.
So, I’m stil thinking of work-around. I thought if I could compile the project and export it to word, then do a global search and replace and then re-import it into Scrivcener IOS that would do the trick.
The only problem is I’d like to “re-split” the files that were compiled on the export back to how they were before.
Perhaps there’s a meta file with markers that would help split the doc on the return trip to Scrivener.

If not, does anyone know of a macro app that might split up word docs and put them in some heirarchal order?
Know what I mean?


Hi Don,

There’s no import and split in Scrivener on iOS, I’m afraid. The simplest way of doing what you want to do would be to search for the word using project search (pull down in the binder and use the search field that appears above it). This will bring up all documents containing the word in your project. Then use Find and Replace in each document, using “Replace All”. You’ll have to use “Replace All” on each document the word appears in individually, but this will be the quickest way (unless you have access to a Mac or Windows machine, of course).

All the best,

Thanks, Keith.
That’ll work. Better than a push mower but definitely no John Deere.

I wish I had the skill to write a program or automation that would
Do a project search
Recognize each document (Scrivener manuscript text file) where the search term is found
Mark and count each separate document in the collection
Search and replace all in the first document
Move on to the next document until there are none left to search and replace.
Oh, it’s clunky and crude (I’m no programmer) and probably slow but I’d extraneous keystrokes for that baby anyday.

Thanks for Scrivener. Me and my 36 characters would literally be lost withou you.