Auto-Sync from Scrivener to External Folders?

Scrivener 2.0 is really great, thanks a lot – especially the sync-features are really helpful. There’s only one thing I couldn’t find anywhere: Is there a way to auto-sync from Scrivener to external folders? Or do I have to go manually to File » Sync » with External Folder… and hit “Sync” each time I want to perform an outbound sync?

The otherway round works great with the “Check for changes in external folder on project open”-option.

No, there’s no way to auto-sync as that would slow working on your project down.
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You can add a keyboard shortcut, though, via System Preferences, and that can speed up the whole thing immensely. I did this and it’s super quick to finish my changes, tap the keystrokes followed by enter–poof, syncing–another enter to close the dialogue box and you’re done.

OK, thanks for the reply – and the useful tip with the keyboard shortcuts!