Auto-update paragraph; Edit one place, Update everywhere else

Can I? How do I? Insert a section/paragraph in 2-3 places in a manuscript that pulls text from a master location?

My book has a key element (written on a Roman scroll) that the characters look at in several places in the novel. I have had to modify the text to fit the story three times. This means manually finding each instance and copy/paste/edit. Is there a way have this text (section) in one location that is pulled into the “chapters”?

Like auto-correct, but longer

There’s no way to have something like this auto-update in the text, but you can use the <$insert> tag to have it inserted automatically at Compile tile. So, for instance, suppose you put your scroll text inside a document named “Roman Scroll”: anywhere you wanted it to appear, you could just type “<$include:Roman Scroll>”.

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Section “10.1.5 Including Text From Other Documents” of the manual is a useful read in relation to this.