Auto-watch/track all topics

Is there a way in the new forum software to automatically and by default mark all topics as “Watch” so we can simulate the “Unread Messages” view in the previous system that allowed us to just see all new unread messages messages that had been posted since we last logged in? Tagging @AmberV and @kewms to see if they have any thoughts.

I think you want the “Latest” section from the main nav header. While I’m not a fan of the lack of “aging” it is better than nothing? Maybe?

“Latest” is the closest thing to “New”, though it’s more like the “Active Topics” filter in the previous forum. While there isn’t a filter for just unread stuff, it does draw a red line under your last active point in the Latest list.

As for automatically watching stuff, there are quite a few options for that. Go into your account settings, and browse through the options there in the Notifications area. You can choose categories to automatically watch (or track, which might be better). You can also watch users or tags, which may be useful since we’re going with tags for some of the more picky distinctions between posts (bug report vs support request).

Update: Oh actually I stand corrected. If you click the menu button in the top right, you’ll find an “Unread” filter. That works pretty much like you should be used to!


Only seems to show things you are subscribed too. I use the search “unread since last visit” on the old site. But I didn’t have to subscribe to anything. It really was a convenient way to see only what was added recently.

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Same here.

What I just tried after being prodded by @AmberV (we’ll see if it works) is going into my preferences, Categories, and setting all of the top-level categories (plus Uncategorized) as auto-watch categories. We’ll see how that plays out.

I notice that with the lower number of page refreshes required, plus the insanely responsive editor, this site feels a lot faster than the old forum software did.


That it does, now that I look at it a bit closer. Well, there is still the option of bulk tracking categories you are interested in. From the tooltip it looks like that Unread will add to your feed anything you are watching/tracking that has been updated that you’ve not seen yet.

Definitely! Cutting down on unnecessary page loads is huge.

I’m also pretty pleased with the search engine. It has a lot of inline syntax, but once you search there is a GUI panel as well. Finally we can search for phrases and booleans.