I just did a quick skim of the subject lines, and couldn’t see anything like this.

I have just started using Scrivener - for my nanowrimo project. I am pretty satisfied with it. I really like the word count in the status bar and the session count.
One big problem I had in the start was the default auto backup, it seems to wait for 2 seconds and then it freezes the application totally while it does the backing up. I changed the wait to 30 seconds and have had no problems with after that. I am using an asus netbook 1101 running windows XP.

Oh by the way, I write in Danish and the system complained at startup about missing dictionaries, but didn’t say what to do to install them.

Best wishes

Jesper Rugård

In regards to the dictionaries, those haven’t been enabled yet but will be at some point in an upcoming beta release after the major bugs are worked out.