Autobiography/ Biographies anyone?

I’m a newbie user who is going to experiment with Scrivener this weekend with my dad’s very poorly organized life stories - stories, bits, pieces, elements…

Just curious if there are others doing autobiographical/life story/ memoir writing?

Dawn in NJ

Howdy. My mother hand-wrote her autobiography (in pieces, disconnected) about 10 years ago. I began inputting into my Mac using Word (until it bogged down), then later Mellel. Finally I did all final editing, page layout, etc. in Papyrus (excellent program for this kind of work). Used photos, etc. But it took a lot to manually manage all the photos with text clips, etc.

Unfortunately, I did not have access to Scrivener, nor DevonThinkPro, nor several other exciting programs to help in the process. Now, I would definitely do most of it in Scrivener.


Thanks for responding. Up until I recently downloaded Scrivener I was managing my Dad’s, as well as my own and other family members’ stories through a windows program called “The Journal”. I love this program, but it has been a pain to use it via parellels on my Mac. I am thrilled with Scrivener so far, although I have yet to explore many of it’s functions, including it’s full set of output methods, which is important to me. I had a good weekend working with my dad on these stories. It was so very easy, once we settled on dates or at least years on his story snippets, to simply move them in corkboard mode. I will be working on filling in the index card summaries going forward.

Dawn, I found date checking the most time consuming and frustrating. In fact, it has been 4 ½ years since I had it published, and just last week I discovered an error on a date.

Do you have oral histories? Can your father do that? I wish I had a recorder 50 years ago with my grandparents still coherent.