Autocomplete Question

Well, this feels like the dumbest question of all time as no one else seems to have asked it – could someone please point me to an instruction on using autocomplete? The only references I find either here or in the manual are to adding to the list, not inserting the text. If it’s supposed to be automatic, that isn’t happening either.

Any help most appreciated,

Hello skid,
If you add a word to your auto complete list for example withdraw then whenever you START a word with w a box comes up with withdraw in it. If you don’t want that word, as soon as you type the second letter the box disappears. If you do want the word, either press enter or double left mouse click on the box to use the autocomplete word.

Hi shass:

Thanks for responding. I tested it again and it just doesn’t offer any suggestions at all. I tried about 4 different names I have stored and none of them popped up. Do you know if I have to engage a setting somewhere? Have looked and can’t find one.

Thanks again,

Hello there Skid,
Make sure you have the box ticked in Options / Corrections Word auto completions.

Yup, it’s ticked, shass. :frowning:



Also make sure script mode only is not ticked, acka the box under suggest completions as you type.

YES!!! Thank you, shass. The script mode was checked. Everything working beautifully now.

Oh, I do love Scrivener – and Scrivener help! :mrgreen:

Thanks again,

Thank you - this helped me too. Would be worth adding this to the manual.

However, I had a further problem. The box for autocomplete popped up - I didn’t need it so I clicked away from it but it stayed there. So I turned autocomplete off again. The box stayed there whichever scene I went to, in the middle of the screen! Any suggestions for future? I shall turn off and on again this time!

Hello Tricia,
You don’t click away from it to get rid of the box. It wil go on its own when it recognises that it is not the word that you have saved as an auto complete word.

For example it I set a word fantastic as an auto complete. When I type the letter f up it comes. If my second letter does not match, it will go away. Say I type fantasy then it will stay for the five letters aka fantas and then go.

If you want to just get rid at any time, press the escape key and it goes away. There is no need to enable and disable it.

Thanks, Shass - that’s what I expected to happen - the box seemed to have jammed, but maybe it hadn’t. Just tried it again and it’s behaving as you suggested. Thank you!