Okay, I tried piggybacking on someone else’s thread, but will try as a separate question. I had some time ago been told that if I didn’t want to continually go through the rigamarole of typing special characters, I could use the custom autocomplete feature in Scrivener to create a list of words of with special characters, such as pinon with the Spanish spelling–the ~ over the n. However, when the custom autocomplete feature is checked, it never suggests this option, and with this feature checked Scrivener hangs a lot. If I have autocomplete checked without the “custom” option, it does suggest the Spanish spelling, but again it hangs a lot. Without any autocomplete options, Scrivener performs a lot better. Any ideas about this? I did not have “in script mode only” checked.

I have Mac 0S X 9.5 running Scriv I have a 2011 11" Air that does not want to run a newer version of OS X; I’ve tried and had to roll it back, which is a bummer on a lot of fronts.

Have you tried a text expander, such as TypeIt4Me or Typinator or the like? I have one which works system wide on my 2011 iMac running Mavericks. Scrivener runs fine and I don’t need to use the auto-complete function at all.

I just set up an abbreviation for exactly the kind of thing you need : mañana : which as you can see, works fine.

Thanks, I’ll try that!