autocorrect from Sys.Prefs not working

I’ve defined a lot of words for my ease of writing in the Keyboard->Text tab of System Preferences but they’re not responding when i type in Scrivener.

For example I have a character called Roën, and rather than have to remember the key codes for the " ë " in her name, I defined a shortcut enabling me to type “roen” and get “Roën” every time. Things were working yesterday but today they aren’t!

I checked that they were working by making a new email in Mail and typing them in, and hey presto they worked. Not in Scrivener though even after closing and reopening.

Has anyone any idea what is wrong as I really don’t want to have to type out every single letter of every single word.


I didn’t see mention of this, but have you checked to make sure “Symbol and text substitution” is enabled in Scrivener, at the bottom of the Corrections preference pane? It doesn’t use the system default toggles (with the assumption that what you want in a program for writing may very well have nothing to do with what you want in Mail).

As an aside: note that with stuff like this, character names and so forth, you might prefer to learn Scrivener’s own auto-complete feature. That is, unless you want Roën in your Mail inbox as well. :wink: A quick example:

  1. In Corrections preferences, disable “Auto-Completion: In script mode only” if necessary.
  2. Type in “Roën” into the editor and right-click.
  3. Select “Add Selection to Auto-Complete List” from the contextual menu.
  4. Now try it: put your cursor on a new line and type “R”.

That way you don’t have to keep jumping over to System Preferences to add commonly used words within a project, and they stay confined to where they are relevant. You can call up the full list with the Project/Auto-Complete List…, to add, remove or modify terms.

I tried what you suggested, after un-ticking Auto-Completion and it didnt work, Amber. After a whole afternoon of chatting to someone at Apple we discovered that with a new user account it worked if i created a new project but not with the existing projects. :frowning: Fortunately my main project is in separate Word docs so I’m going to export into Word/rtf and start as a new user.


I made a new user and 'ported everything across and retried setting autocorrect up the way you suggested, AmberV, and yes it works but as I type with my nose, that way isn’t going to be very useful for me. :frowning: