Autocorrect Not Working in Mac OSX Yosemite

Hi All,

I use Scrivener on a Mac running Yosemite. When I check the ‘check spelling as you type’ button, nothing happens when I misspell a word. No underlining, no auto correct or anything. The only way to pick up on bad spelling is to manually run a spell check.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong to get Scrivener to automatically fix spelling mistakes?



Hi Dan,

Are you using page layout mode? There’s a known bug associated with page layout mode whereby spell-checking and auto-replacement features can stop working. I’ve been trying to track it down, and I think I’ve finally figured out what’s causing it and just fixed it for a future release, but I’d be grateful for any information you can provide. In particular:

  1. Is the problem in page layout mode?

  2. If so, is page layout mode turned on when you open the project?

  3. Assuming the above, what happens if you turn page layout mode off, then close and reopen the project? Does spell-checking start working again now that the project is reopened in regular (non-page-layout) mode?

  4. If so, what happens when you switch to page layout mode again? Does spell-checking stop working immediately, or only when you close and reopen the project again?

  5. Do you switch frequently between page layout and regular modes? (Last week I discovered I could finally reproduce the bug, but only by switching between page layout and regular modes in quick succession.)

  6. Are you on the Mac App Store version or the version downloaded from our site?

Thanks for your help!

All the best,

Hi Keith,

I am in a page layout of ‘No Split’. Thats all it says under layout view. Under page view, I am in single page view with Hide Page View enabled. However, nothing changes if I change these settings. All of this applies to only work within the current project, not on any new projects.

If I open a new project, corrections seem to work.

However…it does work when I am in Composition mode within my current project.

So, how to affect these changes within my current project. I do not want to start a new project as my current one is 100,000 words in!

Oh and capitalisation works always, just not spelling/grammar.

Thanks in advance,


PS - this is the downloaded version from your site, not App Store.

Hi Dan,

One way to clear it is as follows:

  1. With the project closed, ctrl-click on the .scriv file in the Finder and select “Show Package Contents”. This will drill down into the innards of the .scriv file itself.

  2. Inside the .scriv package, drill down into the “Settings” folder.

  3. Locate the ui.plist file.

  4. Drag the ui.plist file to another folder outside of the .scriv package - i.e. to your Documents or Desktop folder.

Once you’ve done that, reopen the project. You’ll find that the interface state has been reset - so the binder will be collapsed and so on - but all your data will still be intact. (The ui.plist file just remembers the window position and size, which views are currently open and so on.)

If spell-checking is working okay after the above, please locate the original ui.plist file in the folder you moved it to in (4) and either send it to AT, marking it for my attention, or attach it to your reply on this forum using “Upload attachment” (you may need to zip it up first). That way I can take a look at it to try and working out what settings might have been contributing to the problem.


All the best,

Hi Keith, that seemed to work perfectly. Thank you!

File attached.

Thanks again.

Dan (1.46 KB)