Autocorrect Question

I have a standard US keyboard. This means it doesn’t have a number of fancy symbols on it.

Unfortunately, I keep using European names.

So, if I want André. I have to type, in Scrivener, A-n-d-r-Alt+0233.

Or Björn is B-j-Alt+0246-n.

This distracts me from the writing, even with Character Map under Editing. (Was going crazy, looking for it under Writing Tools.)

Now, in the word processor I usually use, I have auto-corrects set up to replace Bjorn with Björn and Andre with André, and so forth.

I looked, but may have missed it my first two dozen times, just like I missed the location of Character Map. (BTW, Character Map does fit under Editing, but IMO, it also fits under tools.)

Hello Marilynx,
You will find that Options/Corrections/ Edit substitutions (bottom right of the box) is your friend here. Once there, click the little plus button to make a new one. Put in your Andre then type Andr as a replacement and add the accented e by clicking the three dots to the right (bringing up the character map) select the accented letter then select copy and paste it to where you need it.
Hope this makes sense. Good luck.


Thanks. It would be helpful if the first link were specified – there is an Options under both Format and Tools, and the one wanted in this case is under Tools.

I found and added the substitution.

It doesn’t work.

Make sure that you have also ticked the box to “Enable additional substitutions” in the Corrections section of Tools > Options.

Yes, thanks… I found that a couple hours after I posted, and then ended up running around like a mad woman and didn’t get to post that I’d found it.

So, now it appears to be working.

Thanks to all.