Autocorrect | substitutions

Evidently, after creating a substitution, Scrivener does not reload the substitutions table until I restart Scrivener? This is relatively annoying; and it seems new.

I just tested this, by adding the substitution “thoery” => “theory”. Then click “OK”, then “Apply”, then OK again (to close the dialogue box) – it worked immediately, with no need to restart.

However, I have noticed that this doesn’t always happen, although I’ve not managed to work out if there’s any pattern. Some corrections are simply rejected. For example, I use this feature to save time with phrases I use often, so I have C18 corrected to “eighteenth century”, C19 to nineteenth, etc. But if it try to add “ioac” => “inheritance of acquired characteristics” (a phrase I have to type very often, believe it or not) it doesn’t work. Perhaps there’s a maximum length for the substituted text?

In testing a set of substitutions, it didn’t matter what I did. If I didn’t reload Scrivener (as in quit and restart), the substitutions wouldn’t work.

And is auto capitalizing the last letter of Hawai’i a Scrivener issue or a Hunspell issue, I wonder?

You can change whether or not Scrivener capitalises ‘i’ in the options box under the ‘Corrections’ tab.

Tick or untick as required.

I can confirm the behaviour mentioned by the OP, rw. New or edited entries do not take effect until quitting and restarting Scrivener.

Possibly, jje, you got ‘thoery’ corrected to ‘theory’ because you had selected “correct spelling errors as you type” and the normal spell checker activity made your correction rather than it being corrected by the substitions feature.

I also tried your ioac --> “inheritance of acquired characteristics”. This works perfectly as a substitution provided I quit Scrivener and restart.

Heh. But, you see, I want it to capitalize a lone “I” or for that matter “I’ll” or “I’m.” It should (imho) capitalize a leading “I” followed by an apostrophe.

However, I do not want it to capitalize the last I in Hawai’i, or Daha’i, or for that matter tseo’i’i. I can turn “I” capitalization off, but… then I have to pay real attention to my capitalization rules. I don’t want it to capitalize an I where there’s an apostrophe before the “i.” Not sure there’s any good reason for those to be capitalized.