A small thing, but it would be nice if the autocorrect recognized when a user backspaces and undoes the autocorrect. Currently, it will continue to “correct” something any time a user deletes it and redoes it. You’ve got to back up with arrows and make the change in order to make it stick.

…and this is the reason I never use autocorrect. I’d categorize the current behavior as a bug.


Is that what it is? I love auto-correct, but this is driving me crazy. If it’s a bug, it can be fixed! Yay!

Hi Keith et al …

I’m on with this too. I LOVE autocorrect and don’t want to turn it off. However, occasionally something that I don’t want capitalised gets capitalised and I can’t backspace and say I didn’t want that or have a right-click/drop-down option to say undo autocorrect.

Is this something that is coming in the future?

All the best


One way is not to backspace but to type on. Then re-position the cursor and you can make the change without having Big Brother slap your wrist. You will of course earn a wriggly red underscore as a spelling error, which you can fix for next time by adding to your own spellcheck list. Better than a right-click/drop-down option to say “undo autocorrect” would be a keyboard shortcut. This would be a godsend (please note developers) especially for fiction writers whose work is usually laced with place names (eg, Woodwark Bay gets turned into Woodwork Bay persistently) and intentional un-English to denote local pronunciations in dialogue (eg, “not gonna do it”). A keyboard shortcut would enable anticipating such anomalous spelling and save time getting past it before re-invoking autocorrect.

Sometimes, I just turn off autocorrect if I’m writing something with a lot of weird words.

Right-clicking and choosing “Learn Spelling” or “Ignore Spelling” on a word will cause it to stop auto-correcting to something different and will recognize it in the correction list (so other typos may get corrected to it, e.g. “Woodwarkk” would get corrected to “Woodwark”). Ctrl-Z (Undo) will undo the auto-correction or auto-capitalization.

Works for me.

[quote="MimeticMouton"Ctrl-Z (Undo) will undo the auto-correction or auto-capitalization.[/quote]
Yes! Thanks MM!

Ditto! Great quick fix. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

My god HOW DO I TURN IT OFF??? (Auto correct, I mean.) I’m using 1.5.4 on OS X Lion.

I’m not sure about 1.5.4 but in the latest version it’s in Scrivener, Preferences, Corrections. There are all sorts of options there, including Auto-Capitalization, Fix capitalisation of sentences.

Yes, I was looking for something like that, but this panel of the preferences seems like the closest I can get, and there’s nothing about auto correct. I want it to “check spelling” (i.e., underline in red), I just often type notes and use informal abbreviations, and it really drives me crazy to have Scrivener decide that these “should” be something other than what I typed.

Hi, not having your version I’ll have to leave it for the Scrivener experts who will no doubt be online soon - they’re usually quick on the ball with help.

The only other place I know of for spelling/auto-correct is under Edit, Spelling and Grammar, Show Spelling and Grammar. I can’t access auto-correct from there on my version but perhaps it’s changed.

I’ll leave your question to the experts! That’s not me! :mrgreen:

Good luck!

Auto-correction was added automatically to Lion, so you need to go to System Preferences to turn it off, under the “Text” tab of “Language & Text”.

FYI, this is the Windows forum, so Mac-related questions will fare better over in the Mac Tech Support forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I never found that option before, hopefully that will do it.

(I ended up here because of a search for people talking about auto correct, never even noticed it was for Windows. Still, I think this has to be the answer!)

No problem, just a future reference sort of thing. Yeah, I was not a fan of Lion’s little “helpful” tool either, so I found that preference pretty quickly. :wink: