Autocorrecting Words with Names?

I have the U.S. dictionary selected, and for some reason Scrivener will correct some misspellings with character names that I’ve never used or added. (Like Tamar.)

Are these names in the U.S. dictionary? If so, is there a way for me to open the dictionary file (or whatever file they’re in) and edit out the specific words I will never want/use? I haven’t added these to any personal dictionary, they seem to be imposed by the program itself.

Thanks for your help!

The dictionary does have common proper nouns in it. If you type in “budabest”, for instance, it will correct it to “Budapest”. “Tamar” would classify as a common proper noun. There isn’t a way to edit the master dictionary itself. I’m not aware of that as being a common thing you can do with spelling check software. You can add and remove the words you have added and that is it.

You could fix this by using AutoHotKey, a free opensource program for creating your own autocorrect entries, hotkeys, and lots more, for any Windows application - a very powerful program, if you want to spend the time learning many of its features, but also a very easy program to do simple things like create your own autocorrect entries. I have turned off Scrivener’s “correct spelling errors as you type” feature, and just use AutoHotKey for all my autocorrect entries. You can download a file of commonly misspelled words, edit the list, add your own, etc.

One of the benefits of AutoHotKey is you can assign the autocorrect entries to either just a particular application (like Scrivener) or have them be universal to all Windows applications.

If you’re interesting in exploring AutoHotKey, you can download it here:

There are excellent tutorials and lots of help in the forums. For what you want to do just going through their basic tutorial would have you up and running pretty quickly.