autocorrection canceled on compile to rtf (1.0.3)

I don’t know if this is a bug or something specific of the rtf format. However I have autocorrection enabled for double hyphens to em-dashes and triple periods to ellipses. If I compile to rtf format however the substitutions are canceled. Is this due to the format? Is there a way to work around this? I wouldn’t like to substitute all my triple periods manually, but would appreciate to be able to compile to rtf.

There aren’t actually any transformations that work that way. There are some that work the opposite way, for people that need to drop the output to a more plain-text friendly format. You can convert symbols to ASCII equivalents like straightening typographic quotes and using double-hyphens for em-dashes.

There are no compile features for doing the opposite though, because presumably if you want symbols instead of text, you’d have typed things in that way while writing (and these are on by default anyway). And perhaps those options are what you are referring to—the one in the Tools/Options window? If so that has nothing to do with compilation. There are actually no options that pertain to compilation that are not in the compile window—reason being these things tend to be very project specific.

At first I didn’t quite understand your explanation, but what I understood was, that I had to go back to the compile window and there I found the transformations. By unchecking em-dashes to double hyphens and ellipses to triple periods I got the compile I wished. So my problem is resolved. Thanks so far!

What I do not understand however is this:

Do you intend to say, that any options I choose from the options menu will have no effect on the compile? In this case I have to disagree with regard to em-dashes and ellipses. I’ll explain.
When writing I have always activated autocorrection (via tools/options/autocorrection as you suggested above) for double hyphens to em-dashes and triple periods to ellipses. So I can easily type three periods or two hyphens and in the editor and they are changed automatically to em-dashes, double hyphens. I do this all the time!
If I then compile a file with these corrections to rtf the corrections are still there in the resulting rtf-file! There are still em-dashes and there are still double-hyphens. If I want to strip these two corrections from the text in the compiling process I simply check the boxes for “convert em-dashes to double hyphens” and “convert ellipses to triple period” in the compile window/ transfigurations (but I DON’T want - that was what my questions was about in the first place. I wanted an rtf file WITH em-dashes and ellipses :wink: ).
So, as you can see, it is not the case, that autocorrections wouldn’t effect the compiled text. They do. Only that you can undo some by choosing a different option in the compile window.

I hope I got your point right and wasn’t writing a whole lot of rubbish :wink: . I also suspect that I wasn’t very clear about my problem in the beginning, so this might have been a misunderstanding - it seemed to me, you understood, I wanted it the other way around (typing double hyphens and triple periods and then converting them to em-dashes and ellipses on converting).

Have a nice weekend.

Right, the key thing here is that unless you tell the compiler to change something, it will just output whatever is in the editor. If you have an em-dash in the editor then it would output that to RTF (unless you tell it not to of course), if you have a wingding character it will output that. It doesn’t care. It just outputs what you have in the editor. So the Options impact what you have in the editor and that’s it. They provide conveniences if you need symbols in your work so you don’t have to always be using the ALT-numpad to enter these symbols. Once that has been done though, they are simply just text in the editor and like all other text in the editor, they will be compiled without modification unless you specifically tell the compiler to do otherwise.

So while you are right in the grand scheme of things, that the Options:Auto-Correction tab impacts what compiles because it impacts what goes into the editor which the compiler uses, I meant it more directly. Those options don’t impact how the compiler functions. If you have two hyphens in your draft, having that option on won’t cause the compiler to convert them. That is all I meant.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The misunderstanding was: I was talking about the Options/autocorrections turned on WHILE writing the text and you were refering to it being turned on AFTER the text was written. Of course, then it would have no effect on the compile.

Thank you for clarification! I’ve got your point now.