Autocorrection issues in Scrivener and Mac OS X "«" Dialog

Hello there,

I love Scrivener and working hard on my next novel project and translating the whole thing into 2 different languages and I have a issue that drives me crazy.

When you write a novel you write “quotes” for spoking text.

I decided to chose » or « for quotes and for people who are speaking in my story.
The whole thing is in german so I am working on this, but have a issue that drives me crazy.
I explain what I mean.

I set this up in the preferences.

See screenshot where you type <.< (without “.”) and it changes to « when you understand what I mean.

The whole thing it is not working in the document as itself, perhaps I set something up and thats why it is not working. In other case it is working in Fullscreen mode but not when I am not in fullscreen mode.
Screens will explain what I mean and they are coming.

In Fullscreen Mode it is working.

In my other document where I translate the whole thing, the whole story it is working.

See the last attached document.

This thing drives me crazy, because sometimes I write in Fullscreen Mode and sometimes not and when I got an inspiration and the dialog and the dialog quotes are not correctly corrected than this drives me crazy. When I am writing. Hope you understand what I wanted to say.

I tried to start a new document and copy all the stuff to the new one, but have the same problem.
It is this a Scrivener problem or an MAC OS X because the autocorrection is working but not where I need it. I need it in fullscreen mode and in the document mode.

Can someone help me please or how I can have it in both, fullscreen and scrivener window autocorrection mode or what should I set up.


P.S. Try to explain it well, I know that my english is not perfect.

Could you try running the beta version of the software and see if these problems persist? There was some bugs in Lion that were causing issues with Scrivener, but I think they’ve all been fixed at this point.

As an aside however, do you know there is a handy shortcut for these punctuation marks? I’m not sure where it might be on your keyboard, but on mine it is Opt-\ and Opt-Shift-\ to make the « and » characters. Another thing you can do, the OS X smart quote substitution system is capable of using many different typographic conventions now. In that same panel where you made the custom substitution, you can set Smart Quotes to use «abc» instead. Then you can just use the regular " key.


Thanks for the answer. I have tried the beta version of scrivener and just loaded my document there and type my signs and see there it is changing it to » and « when I type. :slight_smile: good work.

With the “.” smart quote I didn’t know that there was a function in mountain lion to use it, but in the last version of scrivener I use 2.3.1 the “.” are not functioning. With the beta version I just downloaded 2.3.5 they are functioning. I bought Scrivener from the App Store and I keep it up to date every time.

But I know that you are keeping a good work for it. With the new smart quotes I will work when the new and updated version of scrivener comes out. Keep good work guys and I love your product.
And thank you.

Regards :slight_smile: Jake

Good to hear! We should be getting the App Store version updated pretty soon. It’s okay to use the beta version if you like, it will check for the App Store receipt and run in an activated mode for you. If you choose to do so, you would want to review this article. The settings are stored in a different place between the two versions, and the instructions there can keep your backups and scratch pad entries unified.

Hello there,

I have updated today the Appstore Version of Scrivener to 2.4 and was thinking great the issues are solved, but when I opened my documents and tried it.

Hmm it is not working.
In Fullscreen mode it is working, but it was working in Version 2.3 but in the new Version in the Window Mode it is not working. Here a Screenshot I made today.

I hoped that the Version was fixed in the Appstore, but it wasn’t fixed. The beta version that I downloaded 2.35 is working probably, but I do not want only use a beta to get this work.

Regards Jake

Thanks, that doesn’t surprise me too much. We’ve suspected that this problem might be in part a bug in Apple’s sandboxing framework. See, when you used the beta there wasn’t a single line of code changed between what you were using, and what the beta had, in regards to this feature (and in fact Scrivener doesn’t really do much at all with this form of substitution, beyond providing a checkbox to turn it on and off—this is 100% an Apple thing). Nothing in the software changed, and nothing in your projects changed—the only thing that changed was that you were no longer running within the restricted sandbox environment that App Store software must use.

Now that the beta is done and the final result is uploaded to the MAS, the problem returns. Because once again, nothing has changed on Scrivener’s end. We’re looking at an Apple bug here, and the only dim hope for a solution is that something Scrivener is doing is exacerbating the problem, but it’s going to be very difficult to track down that kind of problem. It’s also possible that it is some third party program you use, that most people do not use, which is why only a rare few people experience this issue.

You’re welcome to continue using the direct-sale version indefinitely, it will like the beta, check for your MAS receipt and unlock itself.