Autohide menubar - LSUIPresentationMode


In Scrivener’s plist file I’ve added



This will autohide Scrivener’s menubar (and enhance focussed writing).
In Scrivener this interface hack works like a charm - at least most of the time. When returning from Scrivener’s full screen mode, however, the menubar returns (i.e. LSUIPresentationMode is reset to “0”). In order to get rid of the menubar once again, Scrivener must be restarted.

Therefore – and adding to the list of user requests for Scrivener 1.5 (as always feel free to turn it down) – it would be great to have an oppurtunity for selecting whether or not one would like to autohide Scrivener’s menubar.

Best wishes

Wait a minute, scrivener’s menu bar normally hides when you’re in full screen mode. No hacks needed.

Or do you mean hiding it in the normal mode, and then switching to full screen? If that’s the case, then maybe scrivener uses that very property to hide the menu bar when in full screen, then quite reasonably changes it back when switching from full screen to the normal view. It would explain that behaviour, at least!

Well, I meant hiding the menubar in Scrivener’s normal mode (by changing LSUI…). And you’re quite right, maybe Scrivener changes the LSUI…-property when returning from full screen mode.

Perhaps I haven’t understood fully, but why not just click the menubar lozenge in the upper right corner of the window? That’s a standard feature of OSX apps.

[EDIT TO ADD: Ah, I see - you’re talking about the system-wide menubar. Sorry, I thought you meant the Scrivener toolbar. I don’t really see why you’d want to hide it, but fair enough.]

Since I’m familiar with most of Scrivener’s keyboard commands (and menu shortcuts) I don’t need the menubar (learning the commands and shortcuts is quite easy with keycue, In addition, autohiding provides a clean and distractionfree interface.


Sure, but it takes up, what, 20 pixels? And as it’s always in the same place, always looks the same, etc etc., I wouldn’t really call it a distraction. That’s what full-screen mode is for, after all :slight_smile:

Well, I guess we have to disagree. Autohiding the menubar provides a clean, minimalist interface. Try it out and experience the difference.

I can definitely agree with that. Here is a screen shot from my Linux configuration before any applications are opened:

On the other hand… the feature I’m asking for is not a “one size fits all.” Mostly, I’m curious about Scrivener’s behaviour after changing LSUIPresentationMode (cf. my initial post).

If Keith could point me to a solution for constantly autohiding the menubar I would be a very happy and grateful Scrivener user.


And with the LSUI… hack OS X can look the same. Check out PresentYourApps, – though changing the interface behaviour of the Finder is bit more tricky.

I’m afraid there isn’t really a solution. As someone noted, full screen has to use the system settings to hide the menu bar and Dock. When full screen ends, these things are then shown again using the standard system calls. This will override the preferences, it seems (nothing to do with code in Scrivener except for the fact that calling these things overrides that setting, it would seem, but then Scrivener doesn’t expect that setting to be there anyway). I may consider adding an option for this in the Window menu for the next update (Hide/Show Menu and Dock or some such), but can’t promise anything until I’ve tried it out.
All the best,

Thank you for considering the feature!