Automate getting a clipping from Safari

Recently I was wondering if I should be using an application like YoJimBo or DevonThink to help manage my “stuff”. I conducted some research, reading a number of reviews and one concluded that of all the apps tested the tester would be using Scrivener. This was quite a surprise to me but Scrivener does do well in this role. One of the tasks that I now use it for is storing web clippings captured in Safari, however I found that while the “Create New Clipping From Selection” service menu item works well it is a little clumsy to use. So I have created the attached applescript which uses system events GUI scripting to select the item. The script may be run from the applescript menu or assigned to a keystroke using an application such as QuickSilver. The script file should be saved to yourusername\library\scripts\applications\safari

It is a simple task to modify the script to operate from other applications that use the services menu.

I hope that some of you will find the script of use.
best wishes

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Trying a zipped script… (7.2 KB)