Automate Scrivener

Are there any third party tools that work with Scrivener to automate some tasks? For example, I’d like to quickly add a PDF document into a Scivener project with ease, and not opening and dragging the file around. Would love to hear what others are doing. Thanks.

Keyboard Maestro is the best I know of for creating menu and button based macros, as well as a good deal more. However I’m not quite sure if that is what you are looking for. It sounds like you’re looking for a way to import files into a project that isn’t even open? That isn’t possible. Scrivener needs to have the project open to import and file it properly.

I don’t mind if it has to be opened. If there was a way I could right click a file and have it go to an open Scrivener file would be fine. Almost like a script or workflow.

In that case anything that can send a file to be “opened” by another program should work. You could use Automator to create a service, for example, or use general convenience program like LaunchBar or Quicksilver (free). LaunchBar is what I use myself. With LaunchBar I can select a file in Finder and double-tap the Fn key to have LaunchBar select it in “send” mode, then just tap ‘s’ to select Scrivener as the target, hit Enter and the file I wish to import pops up in the Binder. I can select the file itself in Launchbar easily too, if it isn’t visible in Finder. For example if it is a PDF I can just type ‘pdf’ to browse all PDFs, type in a few letters from its name to locate it, and then hit Tab to enable send mode—from there it is like having tapped Fn twice.

For right-clicking though, Automator should suffice.