Automate snapshots

Is there a way to take automatic snapshots, like every 10th minute or so? Maybe a snapshot after 2 minutes of inactivity?

I find this to be a very useful feature (espacially since dropbox version history does not work with a scrivx-file)

You can take a snapshot with [CMD-5]; how much easier can it be? And if you’ve been inactive for two minutes, maybe a quick hit on two keys will get you started again.


It’s not that it’s hard to do, but rather that it’s reinforcement of a new habit. If I started to focus on hitting ⌘D I’d loose some focus on my writing. I thought someone had written an applescript for something like this.

Searched the forum for ‘applescript snapshot’:

Hello, I’m using scrivener 3 on lacos monterey and I’d like if it’s possible to automatically snapshot every day before I work on my project? I forget to do is manually and sometimes I’d hope to go back. Thank you very much.

Get a zip backup every time you close. That’s more than enough to let you go back if need be – and it doesn’t clutter the working project with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of snapshots you’ll probably never look at.

Good idea. Thank you. Normaly, i never save the work, but I should do and by the same time make snapshots when needed.