Automated backups

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While I find Scrivener’s backup system to be more than adequate in most circumstances, there are times that I’d like to have a more comprehensive, in-Scrivener solution, and I think this could be accomplished relatively easily. You know how we currently have the option to backup on open and with each manual save? Well, since we have automatic saves anyway, why not add the option to “Back up every [X] automatic saves.” In other words, every time Scrivener executed, say, 25 autosaves, it would then do an automated backup in the background. Does this sound like something that could be implemented? I certainly hope so . . . I’ve lost too much data to crashes and oversight, and this sort of feature would be a real boon. :slight_smile:

—Andy H.

I think that would be really annoying, because it would mean that the backup would kick in when you weren’t expecting it, and if it was for a large project and you were in the middle in the thought, you’d be cussing the computer. Instead, you can just use Backup Now frequently (maybe setting up a keyboard shortcut for it).

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After years of foolish resistance on my part,
I finally bought a 1 TB external drive ($139)
And turned on Time Machine.
I still backup Scriv projects to DropBox,
But it’s great to know that all apps and files are copied.
I’ve done the same thing on another iMac and laptop,
using 320 gb drives that cost less than $100.