Automatic Assignment of Chapter and Scene section type

Is there a setting that will make Scrivener automatically assign “Chapter” type and “Scene” type to folders and documents, respectively, based on structure? Or must we do that manually by right clicking and selecting Section type.

I see the “Default types by structure” dialogue and selected All folders as Chapter Heading and Documents as Scenes, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I guess that only appears on compile, is that it?

I have windows but can click on file and set section type but once set up chapters and scenes can duplicate a group of chapter and scene groups and will retain all properties of original files including section types and file word targets. Can with method quickly build a book skeleton

When I wrote the original post, I hadn’t understood how the Default Types by Structure Dialogue worked. Now I have a structure in there, and did a test compile and it worked …
thanks …

For anyone else wondering about the answer to this question, setting up your binder outline to use types automatically by depth is one of first things the interactive tutorial covers (in the Help menu), with regards to Section Types.

For a more detailed explanation of this tab, refer to Appendix C.2, Section Types, in the user manual.

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