Automatic Autocomplete for scriptwriters

It would be neat not to have to add scriptwriting characters to the autocomplete list manually. Is there a way that, once Scrivener has seen you’ve used the same capitalized word so many times in an element, it adds it automatically to the autocomplete list for that element? (Much like Final Draft does for character names.)

I’m afraid this isn’t going to happen. In 2.0 you’ll be able to select character names and add them to the auto-complete list via the contextual menu, but they will not be added automatically. Because Scrivener is a general purpose tool, it has no idea whether what you are typing is a character name or a verb; elements in scriptwriting mode just apply different formatting.

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That’s the next best thing. Thanks.

Never mind improvements – I can’t get auto-complete to work for me at all (except for the already included things like INT and DAY), even when I add names to the Edit Auto-Complete List menu. And yes, I have “automatically show completions” checked in preferences.
UPDATE - Oh. Never mind. Just saw this: