Automatic Back ups not found

I noticed that I had no zip backups for any of my projects
fortunately I haven’t had any crashes or corrupted data, but it got me nervous

I would prefer for the back-ups to be automatic

I manually backed up all my projects for safety. It did not back them up as zips, but as
(for example)

any clue to where my auto .zip backups might be?

I checked my preferences and I DO have it set up to do auto backups, and assigned the location as another drive. Could THAT be the problem? do the zips HAVE to be in C drive?

I’m using the latest Beta


There shouldn’t be a problem writing to something other than C: drive. If you specifically click on the button to show the back-up folder, it is empty, and if you use File/Back Up/Back Up Now on an open project, nothing appears—that’s the situation?

When I initially opened the backup folder, it was empty
However when I manually backed up my major projects and I opened the backup folder, it showed what I had just manually backed up, but nothing older.

so how can I get Scrivener to backup automatically?

These are my settings (see screengrab)
backup folder.jpg

Ah, you need to select at least one of the boxes to tell Scrivener when to perform the automatic backup–on open, close, or manual save (any time you use File > Save/Ctrl-S).

Additionally, if you want the backups in zipped format, you’ll want to tick “Compress automatic backups as zip files”. Personally I also like using the date stamp in the file name, as it makes them more immediately identifiable (the number in the “bak#” name won’t indicate the most recent, as this just cycles as old backups roll off and new ones are created, so sorting would need to be done via the Date Modified information in Windows Explorer).