Automatic capitalisation tweaks

Is it possible to tweak the automatic capitalisation within Scrivener, so that it doesn’t automatically capitalise the letter after a dot-dot-dot, and after a question mark within quotes, for example?

I believe it is a global setting in OS X.

In Scrivener, I don’t get automatic capitalisation after an ellipsis. Do you use 3 full stops or a single ellipsis? I use the latter by keying alt colon.

After a question mark in a quotation, I just use cmd z to undo the automatic capitalisation.

Maybe someone else will have a better answer.

Actually, I seem to be wrong about the question mark and quotes, though I thought it was doing that. Hm, will look at the alt-colon shortcut; my only worry is that I’m sometimes typing copy that will be poured into Quark or InDesign or even Word, and sometimes the shortcuts turn into gobbledegook when they’re translated.